Technology Portfolios Introduction

At the opening of 2007, the National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC) presented its first CD portfolio to the Space Operations Mission Directorate (SOMD). Initially, the portfolios were based on 2006 NASA SBIR/STTR needs, and information procured from the NASA Phase II Awarded proposal abstracts. Since then, the NTTC has developed and enhanced several illuminating portfolios that include applicable DoD SBIR technologies. In addition, the initiation of direct company contact has helped gain more current information such as technology status and readiness level. The most recent portfolios include relevant articles and publications from the NASA Tech Reports Server (NTRS) plus patents and patent applications.

Below is a link to technology portfolio presentations in a briefing chart format showing NASA Phase II SBIR companies that have potential technologies/expertise in various technological areas.

Please note that the presentation will begin with a field in the lower right corner, reading "ENTER". Once you click on the “Enter,” a screen appears with a frame on the left displaying the appropriate NASA SBIR/STTR Technology Taxonomy with names of companies that have Phase II SBIR/STTR awards. Company names link to briefing charts within the presentation, along with the related technology names. A larger frame on the right contains a general description of the technology area, market information and potential commercial applications. Within the portfolio’s briefing chart, you can link to the following:

  • Relevant SBIR Solicitation
  • SBIR Abstract
  • Company Web Page Showing Area of Technology Interest (if available)
  • Company Web Site

Click here to access presentations

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